Longest Night was written at a time when I was feeling pummeled by hate – not directed at me personally, but with a seemingly relentless pervasiveness. It felt as though everything and everyone I cared about was under siege. National parks and even our own Minnesota North Shore in environmental peril; stories of more young people being bullied into death by suicide; misogyny splattered all over the media; a young lesbian couple savagely beaten and left for dead while hiking; and various forms of discrimination in danger of being written into our very state constitution.

moon-eclipse-clouds-msgAfter attending some gatherings of people committed to fighting for justice and dignity for all people, I was reminded that it’s those very forces of destruction that show us the light, the strength, and the hope that can bring us together and guide us in a spirit of love, in spite of the darkness. In Longest Night, it’s the destructive winds themselves that blow away the clouds to reveal the light of the moon.

I am extremely honored that Longest Night was the winner of the 2012 Mary Bussman Emerging Female Composer Choral Competition, sponsored by the Twin Cities Women’s Choir.

THE SCORE: SSAA, a cappella, with occasional divisi. Described as “luminous” and full of tight, ethereal harmonies and soaring phrases. 


Listen to the 2012 premiere by the Twin Cities Women’s Choir